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What is BDG?

Eleagron BDG (Bird Deterrent Gel) is an eco-friendly solution designed to keep birds away. This biodegradable gel is easily applied using a spatula to areas where birds cause problems. When birds come into contact with the gel, they find it sticky and uncomfortable, similar to how humans avoid wet tar. As a result, they naturally steer clear of BDG, effectively deterring them from causing trouble.


To apply the gel, use the spatula to scoop up a generous amount. Then, draw a line with a thickness of 5mm on the areas where birds typically gather or reside.
Note: The gel has a lasting effect of 6-8 months when applied indoors and up to 6 months outdoors, with its durability influenced by rainfall conditions.

Advantages of Eleagron BDG:

  • Minimize recurring cleanup and repair costs.
  • Safeguard property and equipment from corrosive bird droppings.
  • Mitigate health risks associated with pest bird infestation.
  • Prevent the spread of diseases like West Nile, salmonella, and E. Coli.
  • Avoid fire hazards caused by birds building nests on vents and chimneys.
  • Prevent government and safety inspection failures.
  • Maintain the aesthetics of your property.
  • Reduce nuisance caused by bird-related activities.
  • Eleagron BDG is safe for use on metal structures, sealed masonry, and ornamental metals.
  • With just one thorough application, Eleagron BDG can protect your surroundings from messy bird deposits for six months or even longer.

BDG (Bird Deterrent Gel) can be applied in various locations, including:

  • Manufacturing Units
  • Stores and depots for equipment and materials
  • Airfields and aircraft maintenance areas
  • Shipyards, dockyards, and naval repair yards
    Residences (excluding areas within reach of hands)
  • Railways
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Commercial buildings



Biodegradable Gel


Light coloured Gel


250gm gel will cover 17 feet length with 1 inch broad line, 1 kg gel required

3.5 Sq. feet a thickness of 5 mm (cover that area with criss cross line)

Avoid applying on plastic surface.


Non – Corrosive

External Effects

No effect of Heat, Air or Snow

Shelf Life

5 years from the date of Manufacturing

Effective life after application

6 months outdoors and 6-8 months indoors

Temperature ( -30°C to 50°C)



Partly Soluble (during rains it can get washed away)

Sunlight & Air

Remains Stable

Flash Point


Hazardous Compound

None – It is SAFE for Birds and humans.

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