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Product Description

  • Eleagron PROM Plus contains phosphorus in a soluble from.
  • This phosphate rich organic manure improves the physical, chemical and biological
    properties of the soil and increases crop production.
  • It improves electrical conductivity of soil and enhances the activity of beneficial
    microorganisms in soil.
  • It also balances the soil pH.
  • It helps in humus formation.
  • It also improves the germination percentage of seeds and helps in effective root development.
  • It improves the resistance power of crops against various disease.
  • It is a complete Eco-friendly product.


This phosphate rich organic manure (prom fertilizer) can be used in all cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits and flower crops.


100kgs per acre.

Product Composition

Moisture                           :     10%
   NPK                                   :     10.7%
   Total Organic Carbon      :     10.5%
  Carbon :Nitrogen Ratio   :     >20:1
   Total Phosphate              :     18.0%
  pH                                     :      6-7%
 Zinc                                   :      12%
Iron                                   :        1%
 Mg                                    :         2%
Ammonium Sulphate     :         2%
 Sulphur                             :        13%
 Humic                               :        13%

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