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Agriculture Spray Oil

AGRICULTURE SPRAY OIL offers an environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-phytotoxic, biodegradable, residue free organic farming product as a solution for European Red Mite (ERM). ERM PanonychusUlmi (Koch) has emerged as an important pest of apple in the last few years. It can be used for early season control of pests that overwinter on trees and shrubs, or it can be used during the growing season for variety of pest problems. It kills insects by smothering and is effective on insects in all stages of growth including the egg stage, clinging to the bark of trees and shrubs.

Oil can be used for managing the overwintering populations of aphids, SAN JOSE scales, webworms, leahoppers, tent caterpillars, mealy bugs, European red mites, etc.

General Description

  • Mineral oil, emulsiied to mix in water
  • Broad –spectrum insecticide and Mitiside
  • Acts upon contacts, by suffocation and disrupting other physical processes
  • Sold as liquid concentrates
  • No residual effects

Areas of Use

For control of European Red Mite in apples, outdoors on woody ornamentals and fruit trees including roses, shade trees, bushes, some evergreens and other hardy shrubs


  • Effective pest control at low costs
  • Variety of pests controlled simultaneously
  • No build of immunity
  • Optimized boiling range and non-phytotoxic
  • Friendly to natural animals (beneicial insects)
  • Negligible toxicity to humans and other vertebrates
  • Imparts sheen to treated plants/fruit
  • Easily forms emulsion even in cold climate

Environment, Health & Safety

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this PDS. This, however, may be affected by subsequent improvement in product (R&D). MSDS is available for all our products on request. Our products are unlikely to present any health and safety hazards with proper use for the correct application and maintain proper personal hygiene. Do not Spill oils on the shop floor, discharge into drains, ground or water sources.

First Aid

  • Wash exposed body part several times with clean water and soap.
  • If swallowed or ingested otherwise seek medical attention.


  • While spraying always stand behind the wind; do not let the spray come in contact with mouth, eyes, nose, skin and clothing.
  • Wash hands and face with clean water and soap before eating.
  • After spray job take shower and put on clean clothing. Wash work clothes thoroughly.
  • Do not use oil sprays or lime Sulphur sprays when freezing weather is predicted or when foliage is wet (sprays should have time to dry before rainfall or heavy dew forms).
  • Do not use in hot weather (over 38°C), under dry conditions.
  • To prevent injury to plants, agitate the mix while spraying to keep the oil properly emulsiied.
  • Do not dispose MOTOROL AGRICULTURE SPRAY OILin rivers, canals and waterways.

Physico – Chemical Properties

PropertiesTypical Values
Low Temp. Emulsion TestPasses
Freeze Test (Low Temp Stability)Passes
Pour Point °C-6.0 Max
Kinematic Viscocity, cSt @ 40°C(cSt)10-25
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