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Benefits to Agricultural Crops

  • It is unique liquid formulation containing phosphorus and potassium.
  • It is 100% soluble liquid and recommended after early leaf emergence until fruit set in all crops.
  • This formulation contents more percentage of phosphorus and potassium than any other typical
  • This formulation promotes healthy roots and encourages root expansion and strong stems
  • This unique product in plant uptake of phosphorous & potassium with strong leaf & Stems branches of fruit & Flowers crops.
  • Less Nitrogen loss, No Application Cost and easy to store.
  • Due to unique chemistry plant can absorb nutrient very easily from it
  • This product can increase uptake of nutrients from the soil by encouraging plants to take up more
    water. In Addition to providing immediate benefits for a plant which may be suffering from deficiency.
  • It can be use at any stage of plant. lt increase branches very fast at earlier stage.
  • It reduce flower dropping and fruit dropping. Increase size and quantity of fruit.


Foliar Application: 3-5 ml per litre water
Drip Application: 500 ml per acre

Product Composition

NPK 00:41:52

Phosphorous as P205             :                 41%
   Potassium as K20                    :                 52%   
   Specific Gravity                         :                1.65%
    pH                                               :               8.0-9.0

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