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Solar chargeable insects light trap is an eco-friendly pest management device for agriculture, horticulture and plantation crops.


  • Battery: 2 * 2000 mAh, 7.4 V DC Lithium – ion battery.
  • LED: Array of 24no’s SMD LED Solar panels: 6w, 9vmp.


  • Ultra Violet-A-Lighting Technology to capture nymphs and adults of plants damaging Insects and Pest.
  • Micro controller based operation auto turn ON prior to sunset and auto turn OFF by Midnight.
  • Fully solar and chargeable and no power required to operate the device.
  • High power LED lights technology.
  • Portable across the crops and plantations.


  • Controls flying nymphs and adults of leaf folder, stem borer moths, fruit borers moths,hoppers, aphids, white flies, fruit weevil and different crops beetles e.t.c.,
  • Controlling one adult insect reduces 300 population and subsequent pro genies in field.
  • Helps to identify the pest and insects patterns to develop pest managements and control plan. Economical and helps reduction of chemical and pest management cost.
  • Helps distinguish and controlling pest and insects damaging the crop and enabling pollination to improve the productivity.
  • Produced output has less chemical impact which makes people healthy and protest Eco system.
  • No electricity and manpower required to operate the device.
  • Eco friendly pest and insect’s management device for paddy , wheat vegetables , fruits, floriculture, horticulture and all large plantation crops.
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