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Mosquito Larvicide Oil

Eleagron Mosquito Larvicide Oil Spray (EMLO Spray) is used to control multiplication of mosquito. It is biodegradable product.


  • Apply EMLO Spray to mosquito habitat where the water the cannot drained like ponds, puddles and similar spaces like swamps damp areas and areas where mosquitoes breed.
  • EMLO Spray is applied by spraying technic forming a thin, continuous and stable (for few hours) film. This film prevents the passage of oxygen intern the larva which comes to the surface to breathing cannot get oxygen hence suffocate and die.
  • EMLO Spray has an exclusively physical and mechanical action. Sprayed in External areas only.
  • When it is sprayed the fine film that forms over the surface after application blocks development of the young stages of the mosquito (larvae and pupa). It prevents the larvae and pupae from taking in the oxygen they require to develop into adults, causing them to suffocate as a result. In fact, it prevents larvae and pupae from attaching to the surface of the water to take in the oxygen they need from the air to survive. So multiplication of mosquitoes can be avoided and will be eradicated from the root. As it’s open environment. Frequency of Application would be weekly so as to eradicate mosquitoes from roots. Applications

Performance Benefits

  • It is very easy to manage, only sprayer is required.
  • It is highly effective control on Larve development hence on controlling mosquitoes breeding.
  • It does not leave a dark oily film.
  • Does not depend on life-cycle time for effectiveness
  • The low surface tension created also affects the egg laying process, as the adult females do not lay their eggs on treated areas.
  • Multiplication of mosquitoes can be avoided as we eradicate it from the roots.
  • In turn city can be saved from many epidemic like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever etc.
  • EMLO is biodegradable spray, so environment is safeguarded.


1AppearanceVisualViscous Liquid
2Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C, cStASTM D4453.5 – 6
3Flash Point, °C , MinASTM D 9280
4Density at 29.5°C, g/ccASTM D12980.810
5Pour Point, °C MaxASTM D97-21
6pH of 10% solution in waterpH Meter7.0±0.5

Environment, Health & Safety

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this PDS. This, however, may be affected by subsequent improvement in product (R&D). MSDS is available for all our products on request. Our products are unlikely to present any health and safety hazards with proper use for the correct application and maintain proper personal hygiene. Do not Spill oils on the shop floor, discharge into drains, ground or water sources.

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