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Product Description

  • Potash Derived from Molasses. We are offering potash. Potash is necessary for plants as it plays
    important role in plant metabolic processes like photosynthesis, water movement, and other
    enzymatic activity.
  • Active Ingredient
  • Potassium derived from molasses
  • Produced from byproducts of sugarcane and consists Potassium as K2010-22% bio available
    potassium to plants.
  • No chloride sensitivity.
  • Reduces disease pest attack significantly.
  • Suitable for all crops.


  • Organic potassium supplement to crops

  • Acts an organic potash replacement for chemical potassic fertilizer

  • Environmental friendly, non-hazardous to the human beings, livestock and wildlife

  • Excellent for integrated nutrient management programs, Non phytotoxic to crops

  • Promotes flowering and fruit formation Advantages: potash enhances the plants ability to fight stressby increasing soils water holding capacity. increases starch content in grains. makes plants robust byincreasing fiber contents in straws. it regulates water economy and help plants to resist against drought and frost. potash activates various enzymatic processes in plants and regulates the nitrogen
    absorption. potash mitigates the side effects of higher application of nitrogenous fertilizers.

  • 100% Organic Potash Fertilizer for organic gardening helps in increasing flowers and fruit size. It also helps improve vegetables quality and yield naturally.

  • Organic Potash Fertilizers for Gardening to improve the size of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. This 100% organic fertilizer also helps in fixing soil and maintains its health in the long term. Potash rich fertilizer aids plants in processing food and absorbing water. It encourages flower bloom, improves root growth and helps plants fight diseases and take in other nutrients

Product Composition

Moisture Per Gent by Weight, Maximum   :  4.5% Calcium                                                           :  5%
Total Nitrogen, Per Cent by Weight             :  2.0%
Boron                                                                : 300 ppm
Iron                                                                   : 500 ppm
Neutral Ammonium Citrate
Soluble Phosphate(as P205,)
per cent by Weight, minimum                       :  0.4%
Mg                                                                     :   4%
Sulphur                                                             :   3%
Water Soluble Potash (as K20)
per Cent by weight                                          : 14.9%
Organic Carbon                                               :  8%

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