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Multi-functional and Universal application for Fertilizer Rich in Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Calcium High Concentration Liquid (Foliar phosphate)


  • Contains Nitrogen, Calcium and Phosphate
  • In addition with Water Particle of calcium Phosphate Produce during application
  • Use feed grade raw materials during synthesis no any toxicity for crops
  • Does not develop any odours and free from Impurities
  • Dispersing properties during application to cover wide surface area
  • Easy to dilute


  • First and Right Choice
  • Global Approved Product and Unique Chemistry Universal Application
  • Fuel for Crops ENERGY
  • Farmer use one times then Huge demand Like Urea—DAP
  • When DAP crisis then substitute to Use it for Maximum Yield
  • Product Contain Calcium When Phosphate use always Calcium
  • Deficiency This Product Gives Balance Nutrient
  • Application of DAP Calcium Deficiency and more application SOIL unbalance with NUTRIENTS and
    Damage SOIL Fertility This Product contain balance Nutrient to Protect Soil Fertility and Maximum
  • Fruit Get Big Size and Shining-Red Color and no any Spot on Fruit with Application


  • For Foliar Application: Use 2-5 mlin 1 Litre of water.
  • For Drip Irrigation: Use 1 Litre per acre.

Product Composition

Nitrogen                                   :      3%
Calcium                                    :      3%
Total Phosphate(P205)         :      23%
pH                                             :      1.1 +/-1
Density                                     :      1.32

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